Welcome To RavenStone

All who come to me I keep. All who leave I set free.
But ever do I stand against those who carry not my key.

The House of RavenStone, a Church and Seminary of the Old Religion and a Member of the Ravenwood Tradition, was founded at Imbolc 2010 by our High Priestess, Lady Larina, our High Priest, Lord Gaelin, and the active initiates of Ravenwood Church & Seminary of Wicca, Inc. with the love and support of Traditional Craft Eldership throughout the United States.

The heart and soul of RavenStone’s purpose is its mission to provide religious education about the Old Ways through formal teaching and personal example and thus protect and defend our hard won religious freedoms. Through ongoing open houses in multiple locations, regularly scheduled introductory seminars, monthly neophyte classes and life experiences we ever strive to communicate our beliefs and practices to those who have questions and seek knowledge. We do not ever seek to convert or evangelize, but rather to educate. Although our church is newly formed, our experienced priests and priestesses have served Atlanta’s spiritual needs for over twenty years and will continue to be available for public speaking engagements at churches and schools, radio and television broadcasts and through annually sponsored community events.

In the 1970s the founding Elder of our Tradition, Lady Sintana, realized that there was a tremendous need to protect both the integrity and teachings of the Craft as well as those seeking information whether it be for spiritual, educational, or personal purposes. The ground breaking battles she and those around her fought helped to establish the Craft as a legitimate and accepted religious path socially and legally in our society. We must never take our religious freedoms for granted and all owe Lady Sintana and Ravenwood an enormous debt of gratitude for without them we would not have the religious freedoms we enjoy today.

The House of RavenStone is honoured to carry on the proud Tradition from which it has emerged. The world has changed significantly from the early battles fought by our Elders in the 1970s. Where the Craft was then virtually unknown and widely feared with few resources available to seekers, we now find ourselves in an age inundated by technology and information where books and supposed facts are available at our fingertips. The Old Religion is the fastest growing spiritual path in the United States and as such we have seen a proliferation of people claiming pagan heritage. We must be ever vigilant when such individuals claim to have unique or exclusive access to sacred knowledge as many have simply read a book, placed a title before their name, and proclaimed their expertise to the world.

While society in this mobile media era has made unbelievable progress, the tools and teachings of the Traditional Craft remain unchanged. As witches of the House of RavenStone we believe it takes commitment, years of study, mental and personal discipline and a willingness to embrace self discovery. Without a doubt, it requires an understanding of love and personal responsibility and a willingness to apply these principles to one’s daily choices and actions. It also takes a guide – a teacher – a Traditionally initiated priest or priestess. Not someone who alleges to have the answers to all of life’s question or challenges, but rather someone with a working knowledge of the Ancient Ways and the perseverance to hold up a mirror in which you will find the Lord and Lady reflected if you but have the courage to look honestly and sincerely.

Whatever you seek as you enter this site, may the Old Ones bless you upon your path.

So mote it be!